Thursday, August 11, 2016

So many ideas, so little time....

The list of flower creations I plan to make is so very long, honestly I wish I had more time! And thanks to you guys, my list of ideas has become twice as long! Haha!

No matter how many orders I have pending in my shopn,I will always stick to my original goal. To create something new aND beautiful everyday!

That's the only way I'll ever make a dent in that list! Lol!

Here is today's creation!
A few of you asked me to make roses...

For my very first rose.. I went classic red. But for those of you that know me by now, I can't just stop there! I've gotta add my special touch to this beautiful flower! More colors coming soon! Someone order a dozen roses! It would be so epic to make that! Ha! 

Stay tuned for more creations... everyday guys... every.. day! 

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