Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Quiet times in my shop mean it's time to get back to creating things for me!

The past two days have been a little quiet for my tiny shop. I've boxed and mailed the last of my orders and I'm currently waiting for a new wonderful order to surprise me. If any of you guys are interested in buying anybody my pretty flowers, now is definitely the time! I'll have them done for you pretty quick! No wait time at all! Lol! *hints* Buy something please *hints*

Seriously though, now that Ive got some extra time on my hands it's time to get back to creating! One of the comments you guys left me me asked for a bird/ hummingbird feeder. That suggestion sent light bulbs going off in my head. I'm thinking of a beautiful glittering birdhouse overtaken by gorgeous vines and flowers. I might even add a solar light just to add that extra sparkle! What do you guys think? A solar light birdhouse? I've never seen one? It's something new, and it's definitely gonna benpretty! Guess we'll see! :)

Until then here's my newest pretty flower...

Stop by the shop and order one of these pretty flowers today!! :)


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