Saturday, July 2, 2016

Congrats on your first 1k!

Congrats on your first $1000 made!!!
Yup my tiny little flower shop hit a definite milestone!
I started this tiny shop with some left over spray paint and a few soda cans, and 2 months later here we are! 

I can't say i'm just proud.. i'm also amazed... and so unbelievably grateful!

I'm a single mother of two that decided to do whatever it takes to finally stay home and raise my boys all on my own! Times were hard, but now we're seeing a bit of the light!

This flower shop has been an absolute blessing! A chance to provide for my two lovely boys! And a chance to live my dream!

Thankyou so much to everyone that has bought a flower from me. You each hold a tiny place in my heart!


Stop by today! We're going places! Just wait and see!

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