Thursday, June 30, 2016

Dont forget about my 4th of July Sale!!! These Solar Lights are AMAZING!!

The other day, I had a customer message me about a custom order. She loved my solar lights and wanted them customized to look like daisies! Of course I can do that!! *pics coming soon* THEY CAME OUT AMAZING!!

She also asked if I had any particular discounts if she ordered more than one. She was already ordering 3 flowers, so I told her i'd give her a 4th one for free!

And thanx to her, now I'm offering that chance to each and every one of you!! 

These solar lights are beautiful!!! 

Here's a few pics!

And from now till the end of July you can
 BUY 3 GET 1 FREE!!!!

Because they just look so much prettier when you buy more than 1!!

Customized in any design and color!
With a beautiful color changing light!!!

Get yours today guys!! Your gonna love them!! 

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